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Welcome, my Friend, to the World by Jaja!

Nice to make your acquaintance.

My name is Janka (aka Jaja) and I have started this web portal for a simple reason. To connect my passions with the passions of other people around the world and to present my art and stories as well as others'. 

TAKE A DIVE RIGHT IN - I hope you like what you see and read!

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Cheers currently from:

Auckland, New Zealand

Let me know if you're in the area as well :)

I was born and raised in Slovakia and over the last 15 years, I have lived and/or worked in Europe, United States, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and New Zealand. I got married under the most bizarre circumstances - in my bed. I was dressed in my pink hoodie and wearing no make-up when we told each other our vows. I make (and use) my own hygienic and cosmetic products (shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, body lotions, day cream, night cream, sunscreen, etc.) and I strive to have a good influence on our mother Earth. I do a 4-week fast every year which includes 2 weeks on juice only. I've done a 7-day water only fast as well. I keep leaving bits and pieces of my arts and crafts "stuff" all around the world as I move on to another location and I dream of having a special room to unite and accommodate all of these some day!

You'll find mostly photographs and stories here, i.e. all the good stuff!

PHOTO by Jaja

Would you like photos taken of your big event, your family, your favorite pet, your business or home, your property (land or building) or neighborhood, your favorite activity /  hobby, or yourself?

If you are in the same country and area as I am at the moment, I am here for you. Contact me for a free photo edit!

Follow me on Instagram to check on where I'm currently located and specials ;o)

The stories (coming soon) on this site are quite different from each other but so are my passions. I love photography, travel, arts & crafts, minimalist living, healthy eating, cooking, and living, stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring things a little differently...

Anyone else out there with the same passions and interests? Let me know! :) Contact me or shoot me a comment in the LEAVE A NOTE section. I'd love to hear from you!

When I travel, I prefer to experience the "real life" and not just the tourist attractions. This means that while I stay in places longer than a tourist, I don't actually see much (in the tourist-ee sort of way). But I get to know the local people, local life, local places, and simply the everyday life. 

Come on in and share it with me!

Did you know?

You can get any of the photos on this website printed, whether that be on paper, canvas, or metal?

You can buy a smart phone cover (slim or tough) with any of these photos on it?

You can buy wall tiles, photo puzzle in a wooden box, photo luggage tag, playing cards, or other keepsakes?

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