MJ Photo Competition

When Passion Met Passion

“Hi, my name is Photography and I am a passion”

“Hi! My name is Photography too and I am just a passion too! So nice to meet you!”

And the rest is history.

Michele and Janka started this competition simply because they walked into a museum and as they were entering, one of them said: “Let’s have a competition - take some photos and then we’ll have our husbands vote on them without knowing which one is whose.” And so we did. Just instead of having our husbands vote, we decided to have our facebook friends vote.

First ever winning photo - Janka's winning photo of January 2018

Janka thought it would be fun to have other people join in as well and hadn’t quite told Michele before she announced it to the world. Luckily, Michele was excited about that as well.

Photo by Michele

Runner Up - Michele's photo with second most likes

Since the beginning, we have DOUBLED in numbers! As of the day of writing this story, we have 4 people on board with their cameras ready to go when they are called upon! And with the pressure of the masses, we thought it wise to start writing up guidelines and rules that are fair and clear to everyone.

Rules & Conditions of Entry

1.  Entries are for private individuals only, no businesses or companies or professional photographers accepted (amateurs only).

2.  If you would like to join the competition you must request membership via facebook messaging, at which time you will be given an email address to be used for photo submissions. In order to take part in any given month, you must request membership before the 5th of that month.

3.  Administration reserves the right to refuse photos due to indecent or offensive content.

4.  Participants of each competition cannot divulge information or give clues as to who took which photo, which means no selfies/photos of family or friends, etc. - this keeps voting fair.

5.  Poor quality photos will not be published.

6.  All photos must be your own & original, i.e. you cannot submit somebody else’s photo, you cannot take a photo of somebody else’s photo, picture or painting, etc.

7.  All entries are to be submitted via email (provided to participants once they contact us via facebook message).

8.  If your entry does not get published it may have gone into SPAM (gmail) or Administration may have deemed the photo poor quality or offensive. Please contact Administration for clarification.

9.  Competitions are run monthly, entries are to be current to the month of the competition, i.e. if the competition is for March 2018 the photos must be taken in March 2018.

10.  The winner chooses the next month’s theme.

11.  New theme to be announced by the 5th of each month. All approved member entries must be submitted by the 15th of each month. Competition will go “live” for voting on the 20th. Voting will stay open for 7 days (until 27th). The winner to submit next month’s theme to Administration by the end of the current month. If the winner has not notified Administration of the new theme by the end of the month, Administration reserves the right to choose the next month’s theme.

12.  Administration reserves the right to reject the new theme if it is deemed unacceptable.

13.  All winning photos may be used in other publications, i.e. a calendar of 12 winning photos or other keepsakes.

14.  At this point there are no prizes, except the self satisfaction and eternal glory of being a winner. However if you have any ideas on prizes that don’t cost anything and can be given to any winner around the world, please, let us know, we are open to suggestions!

15.  By submitting photos in any of the competitions you are agreeing to all the above rules & conditions.

If you would like to take part in this competition, come to our Facebook Page and write us a message to let us know you want in on joining our passions!

Michele & Janka (aka the Administration)

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